1999 - 2004


Otis Elevator is a division of United Technologies. Otis is the world's leading manufacturer of elevators, escalators and moving walkways. While it's global headquarters is located in Harftford, CT, the North American Area headquarters was located in Bloomington, IN during my time with the company.

The Bloomington facility manufactured complete elevator systems at the start of my tenure. At the time at left the company to pursue an opportunity with Ingersoll Rand, the Bloomington facility had outsourced all elevator assembly to Mexico and China. My team played a large role in the relocation of work from Bloomington to various supplier locations in the United States and Mexico.



Manager Supplier Quality and Development - North American Area

Feb 2001 - Aug 2004

As the outsourcing really kicked in it became apparent I needed help and the effort needed a leader.  In February 2001 I was promoted to manager of supplier quality and development for the North American Area.

As the leader for the SQ&D group I had 3 direct reports and 2 indirect reports. We were all essentially consultants for our suppliers.  We were focused on outsourcing manufacturing to them while maintaining quality and implementing lean practices. 

We leveraged the ACE (Achieving Competitive Excellence) program to train and implement lean within our suppliers facilities for our entire North American Area supply base.    The supply base consisted of over 150 suppliers.  

By implementing lean and working with our suppliers we were able to reduce the supply base  PPM’s from 5,000 a month to under 300.   I left Otis to join Ingersoll Rand after being recruited by my previous manager.

Supplier Quality Engineer

Jan 1999 - Feb 2001

As a supplier quality engineer (SQE) I acted as a consultant for supply chain group.  I was on the road two weeks of every month.

Since I had helped document the processes I became a key member of the outsourcing who help moved manufacturing from Otis facilities to our suppliers.  Because this activity was new to the company, I partnered with our corporate team to develop the processes needed to properly outsource product.

Some of the tools we developed were the supplier quality manual, an on-site supplier assessment, and a supplier scorecard.  Before any decision was made to move business to a supplier I would travel there and conduct an on-site assessments.

With my recommendations, commodity management would make their supplier selection. Suppliers who were awarded the business had to go through our ACE program in order to learn and implement lean as a part of the contract.

When these activities began I helped coordinate and lead all development efforts on-site at supplier locations.

Industrial Engineer

Feb 1999 - Dec 1999

I was brought into Otis by my boss whom I met during Lean Enterprise Design training  at the University of Tennessee.

Initially I was as part of a Tiger Team who conducted work cell time studies and documented work activities.  We developed standard work for all work cells and established single piece flow for the elevator walls assembly area.

Not long after I started, the company went through a corporate restructuring which resulted in the decision to outsource all of the manufacturing operations from the Bloomington facility.  As a result, the Tiger Team's work quickly wrapped and we were dispersed based on need to different organizations.

I ended up in procurement as a supplier quality engineer.