This was my very first 'real' job after Purdue. I worked as a character crafts worker for Walt Disney World in Orlando. Before you ask, 'Yes', it was very cool.


Character Crafts worker

Jan 1994 - July 1994

While my time at Disney was short, the enjoyment still lives on.  I first came to know Disney as a potential employer while I was at Purdue.  I was a teaching assistant for one of my professors in the composites department.  He knew the supervisor in the character crafts worker area and introduced me to him via email.

I stayed in touch with the Disney supervisor and he eventually invited me down to demonstrate how they could use composites in their products.  My first assignment was a three little pig's head.

I eventually was able to turn the online relationship into a full-time position with Disney.  I worked on converting all of the character heads from fiberglass to a graphite and kevlar combination.  The heads not only were lighter, but also were considerably stronger.  I made numerous Mickey Mouse and Goofy heads during my tenure and even dabbled with Rafiki from the Lion King.