2010 - 2013


In 2009 I began to become more active in my community after years of being a regular citizen.  I was so normal in fact that I did not realize that I did not live in an actual town.  Once I learned this "trivial" fact, I began asking a lot of questions.

My first question was what is an unincorporated area? To learn as much as possible I started attending community meetings, township board meetings and even the Greenwood city council meetings (the real city next to us).  The more I learned about the community the more I knew we needed to become a town.

In October 2010 three of my fellow citizens and I formed the not-for-profit group Citizens for Center Grove.  I served as the vice president of the organization until June 2012.

Our mission was simple just not easy: Facilitate, develop, and promote the citizen-led movement to incorporate the most populous (28,000) unincorporated area in the state of Indiana into the town of Center Grove, Indiana. Incorporating this area has been discussed since the late 1970's when the area's population was closer to 10,000.

During that time multiple studies were conducted by outside entities all leading to the same conclusion; the area needs to become a town before significant problems arise.  While all studies indicated the same direction the area should take, no community leadership organization or group ever stepped forward with a detailed proposal for how we would form a town until Citizens for Center Grove formed in December of 2010.


Co-Founder & Vice President

Oct 2010 - July 2013

In my role as vice president I was responsible for identifying and coordinating all volunteer activities.  This included organizing fundraising events and petition signing drives.  In addition I organized approximately 30 dedicated volunteers by their strengths and interests to help develop the petition necessary for incorporating a town or city in the state of Indiana.

In order to develop our petition, we first had to identify the process hidden by all of the legal speak in the law.  Once we could see the process breaking it into it's component parts (subsections) and basic requirements was fairly easy.  From there we developed an executable project plan.

After conducting some initial research we realized the magnitude of our effort and knew we would need additional help.  Fortunately we were able to partner with the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) who graciously allowed a graduate class consisting of 20 students to help with our research and completion of the requirements in each subsection.  In addition we had a team of 10 - 15 community volunteers.  Without the help of them all, this effort would have never taken off.  We are thankful for each and every one of them.

Our efforts resulted in the first ever actual petition to be presented to the Johnson County, County Council to incorporate White River Township into the town of Center Grove Indiana in July of 2011.